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Serving the youth and the young at heart

Kiddie Trans, Inc. was formed in August of 2007 to provide safe and efficient door-to-door shuttle services for children.  We are licensed as a transportation company by the State of California.  Our vans are fully insured, inspected daily, and maintained to the highest possible standards.  Each van is equipped with safety equipment, radio communication, passenger emergency information, and seat belts.  Kiddie Trans, Inc. has an extensive driver selection process.  All applicants must submit to a background check, enroll in random drug and alcohol testing, and become First Aid and Child CPR Certified.  Drivers are also enrolled in a DMV program that checks driving information on a regular basis.


     We realize that children have schedules that often conflict with parent's schedules or work hours.  As working parents, we knew what it was like not to be able to see our children off to school and unable to pick them up from school.  Often, there were times the children were not able to participate in after school activities because of our work schedules.  Finding transportation for them to school and activities was a great challenge.  We both agreed that neither walking nor public transportation was an option because in today's world children need a "safe" method of transportation.  Knowing this, we were forced to depend on others to get our children to various destinations.  There were many times that we felt as if we were burdening family and friends by asking them to pick-up or drop-off our children.  Going through those dilemmas made us want to bring a service that would help other parents that are facing the same situations.    


     In 2012 Kiddie Trans, Inc. launched Senior Trans.  Senior Trans was opened due to the high call demand received from senior citizens seeking transportation.


     At Kiddie Trans, Inc. our mission is simple.  We are here to provide an efficient, reliable, and affordable door-to-door shuttle service that is dedicated to our passenger's safety and your peace of mind.  Our goal is to cater to the unique needs of our clients.