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In-Kind Contributions


 K.T.I. (Kiddie Trans, Inc.) exists to serve.  Here are a few examples of our contributions

to citizens in their time of need.


An elderly citizen was unable to locate a specialist in Moreno Valley and was forced to travel to Riverside for a doctors appointment.  Getting to the appointment caused her a great deal of stress.  Kiddie Trans was able to comfort her, get her to the appointment on time, and reutrn her to her home.  She was greatful and appreciated the assistance provided by Kiddie Trans.


A family was forced to move from their home and into a transitional living community.  The parent wanted to maintain a level of normalcy so the child did not change schools.  Parent reached out to Kiddie Trans for assistance because there was no bus service available.  Kiddie Trans was able to transport the child to school for the remainder of the school year.


A family was in Moreno Valley attending a sporting event, their vehicle was stolen and they had no way home.  They contacted the director of the sporting event and notified him of the situation.  The director in-turn reached out to Kiddie Trans for assistance.  We were able to transport the family and their gear safely to their home in Pomona, CA.


A high school senior had applied to UC San Bernardino and was accepted.  She had no way of getting to her admissions testing and called Kiddie Trans.  We were more than happy to play a role in the continued education of our youth!


A senior citizen was scheduled for laser surgery.  She had no local family and needed help getting to and from her surgery.  She called on Kiddie Trans and we were able to provide a driver to pick her up, stay with her, and get her back home safely.


A working mom was unable to afford transport and had no way of getting her child to school.  We were able to transport the child who went on to graduate and went on to persue a college education.


A parent struggling with a terminal illness was unable to take and pickup her child from school. We were able to transport the child to and from school and various after school activities.


During the Christmas season Kiddie Trans provided vans and drivers for the distribution of gifts for children of incarcerated parent(s).


Kiddie Trans has provided transport for children during court ordered visitations.


A local resident had broken her leg and needed assistance in getting errands completed.  She reached out to Kiddie Trans for transport.  We were able to ensure that her errands were completed and she was returned home safely.


Due to an illness, a mother was unable to pick her children up from school.  She called Kiddie Trans and explained her situation.  The school was notified and Kiddie Trans was able to pick the children up from school and return them home.