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Upon completion of contracted service, Kiddie Trans likes to get feedback from parents so we mail them a survey. We encourage them to give us suggestions upon how we can better our service. Parents are also asked if they have any comments that they would like posted on our web site. Below please find comments received from parents:

Kiddie Trans was a complete life saver for me. I would highly recommend this service to any of my closest friends and family. I will definitely be using them next year.

K. Flores - Moreno Valley, CA

This was my first time using a service like this and I love it! I never had to worry about my kids missing a bus or being late for school. Kiddie Trans is great and I would recommend it to any parent

S. Thomason - Moreno Valley, CA

I am now able to use my lunch break to eat my lunch, relax, and return to work on time. No more running to pick up my daughter from school then rushing back to work. Thank you Kiddie Trans.

K. Johnson - Moreno Valley, CA

I was amazed at how well Kiddie Trans was informed about my childs school calendar! They always knew when the school had a minimum day or no school at all. This was nice for me because I knew that no matter what, my child would not be forgotten or left at school.

L. Chaplain - Murrieta,CA

I was shocked that you were able to accommodate last minute schedule changes. If my son's teacher hadn't called you to pick him up early, I never would have known. That was very kind of you. I've already recommended you. P.S. - I love your survey idea!

J. Smithson - Murrieta, CA

Kiddie Trans is the best transportation service out there for children. They work with the needs of the child care provider and parents. It's the best service out there. I love Kiddie Trans!

D. McGhee - Moreno Valley, CA

With my son being in a year round school it was hard for me to find consistent transportation for him. Kiddie Trans works with parents. They also keep track of my child's schedule so I do not have to worry about calling them to say when he will be on or off track. This is a service that is well needed!

A. Nelson - Menifee, CA

I've used Kiddie Trans to transport my son to and from middle school. Their service is just like they say safe, reliable, and affordable. This service is also saving me money because I no longer have to pay a childcare provider a part-time rate just to transport my son.

M. Garcia - Moreno Valley, CA

Thank you so much for accepting to transport my daughter a day after we spoke. It was really stressful to find a reliable company or daycare to trust my daughter to be transported from school. I would recommend Kiddie Trans anyday!

D. Garrido - Moreno Valley, CA

Thank you Kiddie Trans. Your reliable service does give me peace of mind! I no longer have the stress of finding a dependable person to pickup my child after school.

A. Gutierrez - Moreno Valley, CA

I must say, I love this service. My mornings are less hectic now that I don't have to worry about getting my son to school then to work on time.

W. Cannon - Moreno Valley, CA

Finding a new method of transportation for my child was a big step for me. I was skeptical about change. Once I researched Kiddie Trans I felt a little better, so I registered for transportation service at the end of the 2008-2009 school year. I enjoyed the service so much that I will be re-signing for the 2009-2010 school year.

O. Nash - Moreno Valley, CA

I liked the presentation when my wife and I first contacted Kiddie Trans about services for our kids school transportation.

V. Vincent - Moreno Valley, CA

Kiddie Trans has been a life saver for me. I only needed service two days a week in the mornings and I was almost forced to pay for a part-time babysitter which would have been 3 and a half times what I pay now. The service has been invaluable for me and my circumstances. The driver has always been available, on-time, and conducts business very professionally.

S. Williams - Perris, CA

Kiddie Trans has helped me so much. I feel confident that my children are in good hands, and that lifts a huge burden from my shoulders. Thank you!

T. Hatch - Moreno Valley, CA

I must say that I will be using Kiddie Trans again next year. The staff is GREAT!

C. Washington - Moreno Valley, CA

I was so completely impressed with the concept of what Kiddie Trans is and with the GREAT customer service I experienced, I will be recommending you to every parent I know! Having two working parents in the home often makes getting our children to and from school a nightmare. What you provide is sooo valuable to families like mine. Kudos to your creator for thinking of the idea and for executing it beautifully.

A. Talbot - Moreno Valley, CA